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Educational consultants helping you maximize your move to America.

We provide you with a hub of resources, experiences, and information for all international students. As your educational consultants, we are bringing our experiences and garnered knowledge for your utilization and assimilation.

TheLSDistrict covers the process of picking your school, scholarships to adjusting, and navigating the American university as well as your professional career on your international student journey.

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We’re Lilian and Sharon of the L&S District!

We are past international students and immigrants from Ghana and Nigeria;  who have successfully navigated the ebbs and flows of the international student life in America and have been where you are right now.

We understand the navigation of being a student/ professional in a foreign country takes courage and resilience to operate. We have walked this journey and we are bringing you tips, tricks, and useful information you will not get from your university international office.

We discuss topics from housing, finances, student visa process to landing your first internship. Each episode we explore our personal experiences or with an SME guest for certain subject areas, leaving each listener with resources on that topic.

Whether you completed, just started or already in University you can step into the LS District.

 Hand-Picked Resources Just For You.

We’ve compiled some of the most helpful information to help you on your international-student journey. Everything from visa information to landing your dream job.


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Latest Episode

Ep07: A Conversation with L&S – Ayotunde x Efosa

On our final episode, we interviewed two amazing Engineers! These guys really shared a lot of information on their individual journeys; how they came here, why, and  how the experience has been for them as well.
All the way from Florida to New York to Pennsylvania to Atlanta, these guys have had quite the journey.

Season 1, Episode 7    |    67min

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